Our nursery is well equipped with an excellent variety of toys, writing and drawing materials, ITC equipment, facilities for sand and water play, outdoor play and equipment to aid physical development. All children are encouraged to express themselves in the arts and crafts of aesthetic play, singing, dancing and story-time and imaginative role–play.

The staff at Rascals take great care to provide a sound balance between ‘free play’ and more organised activities and the play-room plans are carefully planned to offer learning experiences to promote all developmental areas.

No child will be pushed at Rascals. Our policy is to make learning fun. By offering lots of support, encouragement, reassurance and praise, children develop self-esteem and confidence; a sound understanding and interest of the world around them; learn to express appropriate feelings; form friendships and learn to care for others.

The nursery has been designed to provide a bright and happy atmosphere for your child. We offer spacious, well equipped facilities for the children to choose a wide variety of learning experiences. Rascals cares for babies from 6 weeks to children of 5 years.

Should you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to talk to Sharon, the nursery manager, or Elaine or Julie, the nursery proprietors.

Specific areas of the nursery are dedicated to different aspects of learning:

0-2 years at Rascals Nursery

0-24 month year group

We have created a homely, spacious environment where your child can grow and develop, cared for by trusted and experienced staff. We offer a wide variety of activities, incorporating building blocks, wheeled toys, imaginative and heuristic play along with soft, comfortable quiet areas. This group have their own outdoor decking and garden area for energetic and messy play.

2 - 3 year group

Like the 0-2’s this group follow the Together We Can curriculum for under 3’s The children are now given more scope for independent and choice making activities. Language development is key at this stage and staff spend time talking, singing, listening and encouraging children to interact and join in new activities. Play areas are set up around children’s interests and individual needs. This group have their own designated outdoor decking and garden area, with hard standing for ride on toys.

2-3 years at Rascals Nursery
3-5 years at Rascals Nursery

3-5 year group and Nursery Class

Rascals is in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council as registered provider of pre school education, following the Curriculum for Excellence. Pre school children are consulted in all aspects of learning, parents/carers playing a key part in this learning process. Staff provide a broad, general education to prepare children for the next transition, to school. This group have a large outdoor play area with plenty of scope to take the whole learning process outdoors.

Morning Session: 8.45am - 11.55am

Afternoon Session: 1.00pm - 4.10pm

Nursery Opening Hours

The nursery is registered between the hours of:
7am - 7pm and is open Monday – Friday.

Full day care: 8.30am-5pm (inclusive of snacks and lunch for over 2’s)
Mornings: 8.30am-12.30pm (inclusive of snacks and lunch for over 2’s)
Afternoons: 1pm-5pm (inclusive of snack for over 2’s)

Additional sessions/days, when available, are payable on the day unless otherwise arranged. Wrap-around care can be arranged from a minimum of 30 mins to a maximum of 2 hours, after which a full session/day will be applied